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Netflix Customer Service Makes Marketing Win

The recent Netflix customer service exchange circling the internet illustrates why marketing and customer service are so closely linked. In many companies, these two areas are treated as very separate entities.  However, all touch-points that your company has with customers, or potential customers, directly affects your marketing as well as sales.  And customer service in […]

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The Benefits of Custom Branded Products

corporate gifts

As experts of custom branded products and corporate gifts, we know the power of branding when utilized efficiently. A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of them used to identify goods or services of an organization. When used appropriately, branding can reap many benefits for an individual or group. Some […]

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4 Tips for Winter Promotions That Will Boost Your Brand

Just because it’s getting cold, that doesn’t mean you need to slow down your marketing.   There are great ways to keep your name visible even while many may be hiding from the elements. 1. Something Warm While the t-shirt may be the most popular promotional product, in the winter it won’t get much exposure.  A […]

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